Content Management

Content Management System

A website is never set in stone; alterations and tweaks are a necessary part of maintaining a successful site. At ProjectPal, we understand this and provide our customers with an easy and efficient way to edit live sites.

We offer a cutting edge system called “Tiny MCY”, which allows our clients to edit their sites live. Gone are the days of going to separate pages to edit, then going back to see the end results. This Content Management System allows users, without leaving their web pages, to feel like they are using their favorite word processor. This feature includes image and video integration, along with bonus modules that are just as easy to edit.

ProjectPal takes out the complexity out of website management for our clients’ convenience. Our motto for Content management is “What you see is what you edit.”

Management and Website Analysis

For more thorough management and analysis of the website, ProjectPal offers a Dashboard feature. This allows for efficient management of the entire website from one central location. The Dashboard also provides invaluable analysis of the effectiveness of the website, which allows our clients to optimize their sites’ features.


At ProjectPal, we believe in protecting our clients. We utilize Concrete5, the leading content management system in privacy. ProjectPal specializes in complex, multi-terrier security programming. We can create split access permissions to be as flexible as page-specific, or as rigid as module-specific.